Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ninja Master Fund - Interim Results

As promised, I will do regular update on the capital account of Ninja Master Fund, which i use mainly for the "fire & forget" strategy.

My previous update was here and i started this account on 1 April this year with $100,000.

As of 30 Sep 2013, after the 4 trades in Sep, the capital account increased to $109k. Let's see if i can hit $120k within one year and the return would be 20%. 

One thing you may want to take note is never force a trade. When I look at a chart and the chart doesn't shout "buy me buy me" to me, I will give it a miss.

The problem with new traders is to "overtrade" when they are on a 'winning streak'. In other words, taking a trade even when it is not compelling to do so or the risk-reward is not too good. You will have to learn to overcome that "trigger-happy urge" to prevent over-trading.

I will continue to share my trades if i see some compelling setups. I will be busy travelling again in Oct and Nov... :(

Happy trading ^_^
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