Thursday, 26 December 2013

AIMS REIT & Capitaland

Entered 2 more trading positions today.


Entered at 1.435. First target 1.48-1.50. Second target 1.55-1.58. Cut loss below 1.35 for now.


Entered at 3.02. First target 3.15-3.20. Second target 3.25-3.30. Cut loss below 2.92 for now.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Feeling nostalgic

I was hoping to enter some positions yesterday only to realize that the market was on half day. Haha. I am anticipating a run up post Christmas and all the way to Chinese New Year. 

Anyway, I am in a cleaning mood today and was packing my study when I come across my old trading journal. 

Wow I don't even have the disc reader anymore. Haha. Alamak.

Which is why I think blogging is good in the sense that I don't lose the content as long as google (who owns blogger) don't go bust ah...

I bought two books today. Will share with you later after I finish packing! 

Pardon the non stop postings... Since i am clearing leave. Hahaha..

Monday, 23 December 2013

Suntec REIT

Entered a trading position on Suntec REIT today at 1.51.

My first target will be 1.57 followed by 1.64. Cut loss will leave it wide for now at around 1.45. 

This will be the continuation of the fire and forget strategy which i am embarking.

I have not been trading since 3 Oct 2013 as i have been really busy with work! wow.... really ate grass for more than 2 months but maybe eating grass is not that bad under current trading sentiments where it is down trending all the way.. :P

Happy trading.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ninja Master Fund - Interim Results

As promised, I will do regular update on the capital account of Ninja Master Fund, which i use mainly for the "fire & forget" strategy.

My previous update was here and i started this account on 1 April this year with $100,000.

As of 30 Sep 2013, after the 4 trades in Sep, the capital account increased to $109k. Let's see if i can hit $120k within one year and the return would be 20%. 

One thing you may want to take note is never force a trade. When I look at a chart and the chart doesn't shout "buy me buy me" to me, I will give it a miss.

The problem with new traders is to "overtrade" when they are on a 'winning streak'. In other words, taking a trade even when it is not compelling to do so or the risk-reward is not too good. You will have to learn to overcome that "trigger-happy urge" to prevent over-trading.

I will continue to share my trades if i see some compelling setups. I will be busy travelling again in Oct and Nov... :(

Happy trading ^_^

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Update on "Fire & Forget" Strategy

The Fire and Forget Strategy has been panning out better than i expect.

I entered 4 positions using this strategy as i was busy travelling this month.

Capitaland hit my target of >320 on 19 Sep 2013 which was automatically taken out by my earlier orders. 

Court Asia hit my target of 80c yesterday and the trade was executed.

In case you are wondering what a OCO means. It means Order Cancel Order. Just to give you a simple illustration, i keyed in 3 different orders at the same time prior to a trade. The logic goes like that, if my trade in CapRChina is done at 1.355, i will enter 2 simultaneous sell orders (A) to take profit at 1.50 or to cut my loss at 1.30.

The screen shot below shows that trade.


In the event that either one order is fulfilled, the other will be cancelled automatically as they are tagged together. However, I can change my prices post that trade if i want to. For example, i can change my stop loss price of CapRChina from the initial 1.30 to a "stop profit" price of 1.36 now that the share price has moved up to 1.42. My target price remained at 1.50 but i may change it if i don't like what i am seeing in the coming days.

In an ideal world, i should be reviewing my trades every night to change and adjust my plan accordingly without the market trading noise. I have to admit that such trading strategy is good in the sense that it took out the emotions in my trade as i don't have to watch the market during trade hours but to look at it objectively only after trading hours.

Happy trading. STI is looking toppish to me and may need to consolidate a while in the near term. Actually i spotted the bottom of STI in late Aug prior to my trip and sometimes, inaction is really expensive but hopefully, the fire and forget strategy can reduce that opportunity costs. ^_^

Monday, 16 September 2013


Enter this trade today at 1.17. First target around 121-123 followed by 125-128 if there is follow thru buying.

Happy trading.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Courts Asia & Cap Retail China

Enter 2 positions today using "fire & forget" techniques as i am going to travel again... :(

CapitaRetail China

First target around 138-140 and second target around 146-148. Cut loss below recent low.

Courts Asia

Price fall probably because market is disappointed with Q1 results and the falling Indonesian Rupiah. I think it is overdone but volume is quite low so the stop loss you put has to be wider to avoid be "whipped sawed".

First target 75-78 and Second target around 80-84. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A bio "Heartbreak" and Capitaland

I was preparing for my trip last week and i spotted this potential swing trade on Biosensors on Friday.

I was contemplating a trade at 84c and would have gotten in easily but i was hesitating as I am leaving the weekend to London. I would have bought Biosensors at 84 and the targets would have been around 92 and 98 with a stop loss below the recent low. Anyway, i didnt execute the trade but wonder why I didn't "fire and forget" as i have intended to.

Anyway, i have decided to try it out on the next trade i spotted, which is Capitaland to test out my theory of "fire and forget".

Enter at 3.03. First target around 312-315 and second target around 320-325. Cut loss below 292. 

Happy trading. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

China Minzhong - not another Scandal?

This must be the most disastrous "anniversary" for China Minzhong ("CMZ") shareholders with the Company scheduled to announce its results for on 29 Aug 2013 before trading hours.

I wrote this piece of article about one year ago on 28 Aug 2012 - China Minzhong - the analysts don't get it when share price dropped dramatically after its Q4 results and this time around, another "Carson Block" type of firm called Glaucus Research Group is out to "finish" China Minzhong once and for all with a target price of zero!

The report is here. It is a very depressing read and contain several allegations which you should read it even if you are not a shareholder.

It will be interesting to see how the Board of Directors react to the allegations mentioned, especially the non-executive members. At the time of my writing, they are probably in deep discussions with external counsel, auditors and management. Based on the annual report in 2012, the non-executive board members in the hot seat consist of the following members:
  1. Lee Edan Kietchai, Managing Director of Olympus Capital
  2. Wang Anson, Co Founder and Managing Partner of CMIA Capital Partners
  3. Lim Yeow Hua, Consultant
  4. Heng Hang Siong, Management Consultant
  5. Lim Gee Kiat, SVP Finance to Ying Li International
I highlight the two more prominent non-independent directors below.

Edan Lee and Anson Wang are deemed to be non-independent because their funds hold a huge stake in CMZ. The following table is from last year's annual report.

CMIA Capital Partners first became "famous" because of Ferro China blow up previously. Will it be twice unlucky for them? Somehow, it looks weird when other shareholders hold more shares than the founder. 
The auditors Crowe Horwath First Trust LLP must also be feeling the heat now. The audit partner was previously on the board of China Hongxing. It is always a risk to be a board member on S-Chips, especially the Independent directors.

A Company that is always in need of cash?

Sounds so familiar for companies in trouble as they always need capital because they are cash flow negative and can never afford to pay out a dividend. PT Indofood (ticker code: INDF.JK) holds 29.33% of the Company after they subscribed to another 98m shares at $1.12 per share in Feb 2013. The share price of PT Indofood dropped 5.6% versus the 47% drop by CMZ today.

In case you are interested to know if your reserves are safe, GIC fully divested its stake in March this year

The weekly share price chart looks downright ugly and hit a all-time low today at $0.50. You know my dislike for S-Chips and in a hypothetical situation where i am ever vested, my usual method is to cut loss first (to preserve capital) and think later. I will not average down. Cutting loss is an "competitive edge" which small investors like you and me have but will be more difficult for big funds and shareholders. 

S-Chip Scandals

Here you go. The list of S Chips that bite the dust and if this one goes as well, frankly, I don't know what other S-Chips you should consider. While i was contemplating a "short sale" on CMZ and Sino Grandnes today. 

In any case, there are not many options available to the BOD. I outline a few for you.
  1. Refute all the allegations and promise to sue Glaucus Research Group. This is followed by major shareholders coming in to support the shares (most optimistic outcome).
  2. Convene special auditors to investigate the allegations and in the meantime, the independent board and shareholders have countless sleepless nights.(most probable outcome)
  3. A fire breaks out at the finance department in the factory and the independent board and auditors resign shortly thereafter, citing uncooperative management. (most dramatic but likely outcome).
My view is option 2 is the most likely outcome for the short term and given the track record of Galucus, i think it will eventually lead to outcome 3.

I certainly hope i will not see another scandal (where our hard-earned money are being conned) but history is against us.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Comfort Delgro & CapmallAsia

I spotted Comfort Delgro last week but was too busy trying to set up SaxoCFDs that i missed it, only to realized that the Saxo Plaform for CFDs for local stocks sucks. There is very limited number of shares available on Saxo for shorting. If you want to trade local CFDs, still think POEMS is the best platform to do so, especially "short" trades.

Anyway, i share this trade so that you will have a better idea how to do a projection on the target.

I wanted to short this counter at 1.96 when the parabolic is triggered. Parabolic is one of the indicators i like to use for trading. After you initiate a trade, you can use Fibo to project the possible target with the 50% mark being the "first target" at $1.86 and the second target at the 38.2% mark at $1.82. 

I think another target that will follow in Comfort Delgro footstep is CapmallAsia.

I shorted this counter a few days back at 1.96, using POEMS this time. Again, using parabolic to initiate and fibo to project, the first target is 1.87 followed by 1.82.

Happy trading.

P.S. by the way, i am pretty busy travelling for work.... and will probably be missing in action the most of Sep. :( 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Ninja Master Fund - Fire and Forget?

There are so many things that i want to do in life.
  • Write a book on how to play IPOs (my first project)
  • Invest my SRS fund
  • Trade for a living
  • Travel round the world.
  • Teaching and sharing with people how to pursue for financial freedom 
I contemplated for a long time whether i wanted to share this with you but i decided that i need to "torture" myself further. 

You know that i swing trade on a part time basis since i hold a full time job. My many hours of meetings during the day and frequent travels for work is really not conducive for trading. I have been sharing some of my trades with you on this blog in the past with the cut loss and target levels and i hope you learn something from them.

With the advancement of technology, it is now much easier to place "OCO" orders on a good trading platform. OCO stands for "Order Cancel Order". It means that if one order is done, it will automatically cancel the other order. In other words, i can now key in my "target price" and my "cut loss" price once i enter a trade. It allows me to "fire and forget". I have not used this feature yet but am seriously contemplating do it for my next trade as i should be tapping technology to make my life easier so that i can go "fishing". 

Since April this year, i have started a $100k trading account with Saxo. In my view, it is an excellent platform that allows me to trade except that my brokers will not be pleased since less trades are routed through them. I have decided to share with you my journey on this Saxo account here so that overtime, it will be a place where i can come and dig back my memories.

The account started with $100,000 in April 1, 2013. As of today, it is around $104,967.60
This account is mainly for swing trading local stocks (and occasionally US stocks). I will feature the trades on this blog if i make any trade through this account and overtime, i will also share with you how the equity line moves up or down. The key to trading is to protect your downside while letting your upside run, so not all trades will pan out as what i hoped. I will not also not hesitate to cut loss if the situation warrants it. Capital preservation has been a key feature in my trading.

Anyway, till next time. Happy trading. 

Note that i only swing trade this account when i am free. ^_^

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Trade like a Shark

This is an interesting book about trading. Go read it.

9 Key Characteristics of Shark Investors:
• Sharks are aggressive
• Sharks are opportunistic and reactive
• Sharks stay in motion
• Sharks plan their attacks
• Sharks are patient when they stalk their prey
• Sharks take advantage of the emotions of the crowd as it becomes frenzied and emotional
• Sharks don't have emotional or sentimental attachments to the stocks they profit from
• Sharks are risk averse and do not hesitate to swim away the moment they sense danger
• Sharks have an attitude.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

MINT and Capitaland

Initiated a trading position in Mapletree Industrial Trust today @ 1.34. Target around 138-145. Cut loss below the recent low.

Happy trading. Will post my positions update to the comments sections for the benefit of readers.

Capitaland update

Initiated my position last week.

Looks good today as it closed at the high with a fairly strong volume. Will move stop up and see if it can run towards 328-340 range.

Happy trading.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Trading Positions

Sorry, i am busy with work but have added a few trading positions in alphabetical order for your information. Take it with a huge pinch of salt


Bought some at 1.07 two days back. Target 1.15-1.20. Cut loss below recent low.


Bought some at 3.09. Target 3.20 to 3.30


Bought some at 0.91. Target 0.95 to 1.00


Bought some at 1.46. Target around 1.55 to 1.60

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Capitaland & Sembcorp Industries

Entered the above 2 trades today.


I bought some shares at $3.51. The closing wasn't as good as i would prefer it to be. First target is for it to break above $3.58 and reach around $3.65-$3,70. Second target will be around $3.80-$4.
Cut loss below the recent low.

Sembcorp Industries

I bought some shares at 4.96. Was choosing between this and Semb Marine. First target is around $5.10 to $5.15 and second target is around $5.20-$5.30 and thereafter $5.40-$5.50. Cut loss is below the recent low.

Happy trading.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


It has been a while since i attempt a swing trade due to my overwhelming workload. Not sure if it has become rusty or not.

First Target 54-56 and Second Target 62-64 and third target will be above 68 (analyst price is around 73)?

Cut loss slightly below recent low.

Happy Trading.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

CLSA Fengshui Index 2013

An early Happy Chinese New Year to all readers. This is the year of the snake. The popular CLSA index is out. The report is here for your reading pleasure. This is a "tongue-in-cheek" guide so treat it with more fun than seriousness.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Small caps

Ever since my last update on STI, it has been moving northwards and towards record highs. I have not been trading actively due to a busy work and travelling schedule and has missed the small caps run up in January as well.

The small caps are having a field day. They are taking turns to do the run up. I will be very wary when small caps without sound fundamentals are doing their run ups. I only have one "advice" if you like to play small caps, that is, don't be the last one to hold the babies. 

For all bull runs, the small caps will typically be the 'last to run' as the smart money rotates out of blue chips into the small caps. It is easy to be carried away. Please don't get me wrong, you can make a lot of money playing small caps but you must know when to "walk away" and call it a day as well. I will probably be very alert if i am punting small cap stocks. 

Happing trading. :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013




I spotted this yesterday at 1.325 (before it closed at 1.34). Didn't manage to buy as i hesitated too long since i was still expecting to see a STI correction in the coming days. It has a nice bullish divergence between price and the various indicators. The first target for this rebound should be around 140-145. Don't think it will go below 122 since that was the M&A transacted price.

Some of my previous recommendations (such as Noble, Capital Retail China, Sembcorp Marine, Sembcorp Industries) have hit their second targets so you either take profit or remember to put trailing stops to them.

Happy trading.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

STI Update

Just when I said STI has turned into a sell for me on New Year's eve, it got a big boost from the "fiscal cliff" or the lack of it and fly up to the sky. hahaha

STI formed a doji today. It is an indication that the bulls and bears are "fighting it out". Watch out for a potential formation of the evening doji star.

My view remained the same that upside is limited with downside potential in January. I will not 'chase' the STI stocks (generally speaking) and the previous correction target remain the same. Let's see how it pans out in the coming days.

Happy trading.

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