Trading Strategy

Updated as of 18 Jan 2015
This place documents Mr. IPO's strategy for trading

Targeted Instruments
Companies listed on NASDAQ and NYSE
Companies listed on SGX and Catalist

Trading Style
Technical Analysis is the key foundation for this trading style. Charts are absolutely critical and stop loss is strictly adhered to due to the use of leverage. Longs or shorts through leverage may be used.

Instruments are selected using charts to screen for momentum, strength and weaknesses.

Trading Capital
The starting capital with effect from 1 Jan 2015 stands at $250,000
The trading capital for each long or short position will be between $20,000 to $50,000 
Each initial position will have a cut loss point of around 2% to 5%.  

Time Horizon
From days to weeks to months using stops and targets projections

Targeted Returns
10% to 25% annually.

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