Friday, 2 November 2012

Watch out for the hammers

Not sure if you remember my post on "the stars are starting to appear..."back on 18 Sep.

Today I write the other version of it. Watch out for the hammers and this will be how i can potentially trade it.


As in a shooting star, the hammer in the candlestick is the other opposite version of a reversal signal at the end of the "correction". The aggressive trader will buy near the close of 1.07 yesterday and put a stop loss at 1.02. The less aggressive trader can buy this morning and use the same stop. The first target will be around 112-114, the second target will be around 116-120 and the more aggressive target will be around 122-124. Since the price has already moved up, i will also move the stop to around 106 to ride the stock.

Shooting stars again?

GLP and Osim showed shooting stars today and i will usually tighten my stops if i am trading the position.

Happy trading.

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