Wednesday, 20 August 2014

RH Petrogas and 2 "live" trading practical tests for you!

Entered this transaction at 79 today. My gut feel is that this stock is about to run with the Bollinger Band tightening and increased in volume. First target will be between 85-90c with a cut loss around 70c.

There are a few other counters with interesting set ups which i observed. I list some of them below for your own 'training'. You will have to learn how to fish them yourself but master the basics of cutting loss is absolutely necessary before you embark on the trading journey.
  • Biosensors showing a nice doji with volume at 72.5c. It allows for a counter trend trade with a tight cut loss. Assuming i enter at 72.5c, you tell me what is the target for this rebound and the cut loss level. You can either leave your comments here or in my facebook page.
  • Rex International allows for a counter trend trade and a tight cut loss as well. Assuming I enter at 59c, what would be the target and cut loss level.

Happy fishing.


  1. Broke resistance 0.805

    1. Must break convincingly lor. Now like ai Mai ai Mai

  2. Battling resistence at 0.835...

    Next resistence at .855/.86?

    Mr Ipo, will u document ur selling price here when sold for learning purpose??

  3. Already give target and cut loss price liao lah. :-P still want live exit triggers? Haha

  4. Haha.. I tot may all these will change depending on circumstances mah...

    from academic point of view, we can study from the actual exits also.. :)

  5. Disappointing close today. Put your stop at 80.5 for RH to protect your profits.

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